India rebuked Pakistan and Turkey in UNHRC, advised them to look after their home first

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New Delhi, February 25, 2021: India has fiercely reprimanded Pakistan, and Turkey engaged in propaganda against it. In a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), India asked the two countries to repair their homes before raising their fingers on the other.

In the 46th Special Session of the UNHRC, India strongly opposed the Pakistani representative’s statement, exercising the right to reply. India said that it was not surprising that Pakistan once again misused this forum of the United Nations.

Seema Pujani, Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission in Geneva, said that misusing international forums for malicious propaganda against India by Pakistan is not new. He said that the entire Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are integral parts of India. The Government of India’s steps for the development and good governance of these areas is its internal matter. He said that Pakistan, which has an abysmal record in human rights, should fix its house before pointing fingers at India.

Referring to incidents of institutionalized discrimination, violence, and repression with minority Hindu, Sikh, Christian communities in Pakistan, he said that there are attacks on these communities’ places of worship daily. There are various types of atrocities on the women of these communities. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, every year, one thousand girls from these communities are abducted and forced to convert to marriage. India also raised the issue of political repression in Balochistan. Referring to the release of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the killer of American journalist Daniel Pearl from the Pakistani Supreme Court, the Indian representative said that it is clear from this generosity what kind of nexus is there between the ruling government and the terrorists.

India also strongly criticized Turkey, saying that it was distorting the Organization of Islamic Conference’s statement. Describing Turkey’s statement as factually incorrect, India said that it should reform itself before interfering in another country’s internal affairs.

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