India reports the highest single-day spike of 10,956 new COVID19 cases, 396 deaths

NCCS Pune COVID Corona
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New Delhi, June 12, 2020: The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare today said that the number of patients infected with the Coronavirus in the country has exceeded ten thousand in a day for the first time. According to data released today morning, 10,956 new cases of COVID19 patients have been reported in the last 24 hours.

According to the ministry, the number of corona patients in the country has reached 297535. Of this, 141842 are active patients, while 147195 people have been cured of the infection. The death toll has risen to 8498.

The state of Maharashtra, the worst affected state by Coronavirus, is going to reach one lakh patients. According to the latest figures, there are 97648 patients in the state, of which 47980 are active and 46078 people have been cured. So far, 3590 people have died in Maharashtra. It is believed that by Friday night or Saturday, the number of corona patients in Maharashtra will reach one lakh.

In Delhi too, cases of COVID have increased rapidly in the last few days. The maximum number of patients came to the national capital on Thursday, after which the total number increased to 34687. The number of active patients in the capital is 20871, while 12731 people have been cured. So far 1085 people have died.

The numbers of COVID19 patients has reached 38716 in Tamil Nadu. Of this, 349 people have died. There are 22032 patients in Gujarat, 6245 in Karnataka, 10241 in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, 11838 patients of Covid-19 have been found in Rajasthan so far. 12088 patients have been found in Uttar Pradesh, out of which 7292 people have been cured, while 345 people have died.