Indiabulls bashed on social media for donating 21 crores to PM CARES Fund then sacking 2000+ employees

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, May 22, 2020: Indiabulls is being criticized all over social media for laying off around 2000 of its employees. Amid Coronavirus forced lockdown, Indiabulls donated Rs 21 crores to the PM CARES Fund; this has led to outrage amongst its employees.

#indiabullsfiring, #indiabullsresign is trending on twitter now, where various employees have been complaining about the salary cut of approximately 40-50% including the firing of 2000+ employees.

Adarsh Bakshi on Twitter posted, “Thousands of employees are forced to resign without any compensation co mentioning not having funds but having money for pm fund of 21cr a Few days earlier forced to get salary deducted”.

Many employees claim that this has shown us the hypocrisy of the company policies and has requested the government to take necessary actions for the same. Another user on Twitter has posted,”#Indiabulls in Mumbai is firing employees on WhatsApp call with two week notice period. Immediate intervention needed”.

It seems that WhatsApp call has been used and many of the employees also challenge that it has been used because it doesn’t get recorded. However, employees allege that they have been forced to resign, and the HR department also has Said, if they wouldn’t do so, strict actions will be taken against them.

“In the ordinary course of its business, we see an attrition of 10-15% workforce annually. Yet, this year we waited from the directions from MHA and the government. Hence, there are no layoffs other than annual attritions,” stated Indiabulls Group

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