Baramati: Sugarcane factory workers become unconscious while cleaning tank

Malegaon Sugar Cooperative Factory in Baramati taluka

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Pune, May 23, 2020: Around 9 am today, some workers had breathing problem while cleaning tank at Malegaon Co-operative Sugar Factory in Baramati taluka. Eight workers are undergoing treatment at a private hospital. According to officials, the incident took place during cleaning work after sugarcane crushing season. Eight workers suffocated when gas leakage while cleaning a pan tank. The condition of three workers is critical. They are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU).

After the incident, president of the factory Balasaheb Taware, vice president Tanaji Kokare, Anil Taware, Yogesh Jagtap, Rajendra Dhawan, Swapnil Jagtap, Madanrao Devkate, Nitin Satav, Suresh Khalate, Dattatraya Bhosale, Bansi Atole, Executive Director Vijay Wable and others immediately took notice of the incident. They also visited the workers at the hospital.

Efforts were made to bring the situation under control and save the injured workers. In particular, Balasaheb Dhamal, Sunil Atole and Soma Chavan, workers at the spot, were asked to help the injured workers in time to avoid a major disaster.

The names of injured workers of Malegaon are as follows: Rambhau Yele (Malegaon), Jalindar Bhosale (Niravagaj), Rajendra Taware (Sangvi), Sunil Patil (Tembhurni), Ghanshyam Nimbalkar (Vikoba Nagar-Dhumalwadi), Shashikant Jagtap (Pandare), Sharad Taware (Sangvi) ), Praveen Wagh (Sangvi).

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