Initiative by US based Pediatric Specialist Dr.Jagannath Surpure& Mrs. Ratan Surpure

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Pune 14 June 2018:Well-known US-based Pediatric Specialist Dr.Jagannath Surpure and Mrs. Ratan Surpure have announced a unique cleanliness–friendly community initiative– the ‘Nirmal Dindi Paritoshik’ during the upcoming ‘Pandharichi Wari’(annual pilgrimage from Pune to Pandharpur).

The initiative ideates from the observations Dr.Surpure drew from regular involvement in the pilgrimage for a couple of years wherein cleanliness (including hygiene) maintained by waris(processions) was overwhelming.

Dr.Jagannath Surpure said that the cleanliness aspect was notable and felt that a little push by way of a reward to their self-disciplined effort would trigger a concerted awareness in time to come.

Mrs. Ratan Surpure explained that the annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur attracts people and devotes from all age groups and sections of the society. A lot of good initiatives and activities are conducted around the wari by various NGOs, institutions such as health camps. We also wanted to join the good cause and encourage the cleanliness aspect within waris by initiating and introducing the idea of ‘Nirmal Dindi Paritoshik’. Our aim behind driving this initiative is to spread awareness about cleanliness, which is a key to good health.

Any group participating in thewari can enrol. There will be no entry fees to participate. The standard entry application will need to be processed through a warkari association, the details of which will be announced soon. The waris who best in cleanliness will be awarded prizes of Rs 1 lakh, Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 50,000 along with citation.

The volunteers will observe and inspect waris, make notes of howwari have conducted themselves throughout the route and forward it to independent judges who will rank the waris.

The award function is planned to be held in about a month’s time after the wari is completed.