Instagram Reels Star Shraddha Pawar’s Song “Majhi Bay go” Crosses 100 Million Views

Shraddha Pawar
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Pune, 13 Mar 2022: Anyone can be successful when provided with all the fortunes but when you start from the scratch with not so favoring conditions and your efforts get paid off is something worth praising and appreciating. Maharashtra’s Doll (Maharashtrachi Doll) Shraddha Pawar is a queen who built her empire on her own, independently. She started her journey as a TikToker in 2020 and today she is the youth sensation who is trending on all the digital platforms with almost her each project and each video. Let’s have a sneak peek in her wonderful journey.
Shraddha Pawar is the perfect example of a rising star. She started her journey with a TikTok video. It was difficult for her as she didn’t have her own phone. She made her 1st video on 12th April 2020 with no proper equipments, she mounted her phone on floor container and then shot this video. Her first few videos got a very good response and soon when she made videos on the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar they got viral very fast and it boosted her TikTok account. Since then, all her videos started being viral as soon as she posted. Within 27 days she earned 1m organic followers. Soon she realized that she can also stay connected to her fans through Instagram so she opened an Instagram account. At that time, she realized that already her plenty of fan pages were made there. Within 7 days her Instagram account reached the 100k followers mark. Here on TikTok when she reached 1.2m followers unfortunately, TikTok got banned in India and she felt very sad but soon when she realized that her fans are showing the same love and support for her on Instagram as well, it reignited her confidence. At present she has 600 fan pages on Instagram.
Soon famous people started recognizing her whom she always wanted to meet, they themselves met her and appreciated her and her talent. With all this success and recognition opportunities started to knock her door. She got offers for songs. The first song she shot was ‘Yedyavani Kartay’ and later she shot song ‘Girlfriend Nastana’ which released before her 1st song and it instantly became trending. Later she shot her next melodious song ‘Laagir Zala’, it reached to the 10m views in a very less time. Later she shot her song ‘Majhi Bay go’ which was actually a surprise for her on her birthday. It was also her No.1 trending song. This song touched the mark of 1m views in merely one day and it just completed the 100m views on youtube. Later she did songs like ‘Aapli Yaari’, ‘Jhootha Pyar’, ‘Maza First Love’ etc. All her songs touched the mark of millions of views in very less time. Even her teasers have millions of views.
For her fans Shraddha is an apple of their eyes. Since, Shraddha became famous with her cute looks, her beautiful bangs; her fans gave her a title of ‘Maharashtrachi Doll’ (Maharashtra’s Doll). Shraddha also reciprocates this love by calling her fans ‘Shrajaans’. She started everything from a slum area of Ulhasnagar and the financial problems but she did her best and her talent and her fierce attitude made her a winner. She has recently bought her new car. She independently conquered everything with her family’s support and today she is moving ahead only. We congratulate her for her success and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.