Is Parents education or their fluency in English helping their children to get admission in schools and colleges?

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By : Shivpratapsingh Rajput

Pune: As many parents may have gone through several interviews for their children to start a good academic career, there are few difficulties the middle class or the lower middle class parents are facing as they are not much educated and not comfortable with English.

Many schools are listing or favouring students on basis of their parents qualification, which is a big problem for these middle class parents as they may not be as educated as the requirements.

And also the process is in English which they might find it difficult. To solve these problems and to reduce the stress of the parents, school authorities should cooperate with parents so as to ease out the process. And there should be proper guidance in English and hindi as well for those finding it difficult. If these basic requirements are fulfilled, and a bribe-free method or giving admission only on basis of the student’s knowledge is followed then we can expect a bright future of not only these students but also that of India as well.