Kalyan: Elderly Woman Falls From Running Train, Policeman Saves Her From Coming Under Wheels

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Kalyan, 29th September 2021: An elderly woman had a narrow escape today when she fell from a running train at Kalyan junction.

Showing presence of mind, Constable Mangesh immediately pulled her from coming under the wheels.

Tunguntla Aruna Rekha (62) of Thane had boarded the wrong train by the time she realised it, the train has started.

Train No. 01071 (Kamayani Express) arrived at Platform No. 4 at 2.45 pm. Shortly after the train left the platform, a woman tried to get off the train. In this effort, the woman’s balance deteriorated, which was noticed by the constable on duty in time. Constable Mangesh immediately ran to rescue the female passenger before she fell into the gap between the platform and the train.

After giving sympathy to the said woman, she was seated on the side of the platform. The woman said that she had to go by 01019 (Konark Express) but tried to get down because she was on the wrong train.

Later the lady was accommodated safely in 01019 (Konark Express).

Railways have appealed to the passengers not to attempt to board or alight the moving trains.