Karnataka: Travellers Forced To Go Back 80km For Picking Up Pizza Boxes They Had Tossed Out

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Shikha Chaurasia

November 5, 2020: When it comes to cleanliness, our country and its cities do not have a good reputation. Even after years of campaigning, drives and awareness, people still show disregard towards hygiene and cleanliness.


When people are not ready to change their habits, sometimes drastic measures are the only way to make things right. The General Secretary of the Kodagu Tourism Association has set the bar high and set an example for the other states and cities.


General Secretary of the Kodagu Tourism Association Madetira Thimmaiah saw pizza boxes lying around the road when he was returning home on Friday, October 30.


When he saw the garbage littered out with such carelessness he wasn’t ready to accept the situation just like that. On Wednesday, Thimmaiah along with the members of the Kadagadalu Gram Panchayat had cleaned the area. After seeing the waste tossed out, he felt his efforts had gone in vain.


So, while rummaging through the boxes of waste that had been littered he found the contact number of the travellers and immediately called them and asked them to pick the garbage they had tossed out carelessly.


Soon, a social media campaign was also launched and the travellers started getting calls regarding the waste they had tossed out. The duo was feeling extremely embarrassed about the whole situation later.

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