Kolhapur : Judiciary is essential part in development of nation, says Fadanvis 

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Kolhapur  – The Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis has said that, “the establishment of rule of law is an important factor for development of country and our judiciary is also playing key role in keeping the law in the order.”

The newly constructed building at Kolhapur sessions court campus was inaugurated at the hands of Juctice Vijaya Tahilramani and in the presence of CM Fadanvis, where he underlined the importance of judicial system in the development of a nation.

He said, India is becoming a global economic Super power and for that we need investment and growth in employment. Ultimately to keep environment healthy, it is essential to keep law in the order. While our judicial system is up to the task and making sure that the law and order is maintained, he added.

He also said that, the people have strong faith in judiciary and it has also taken such steps that will maintain the confidence of people in law.

Expressing the confidence about establishment of a new bench of High court at Kolhapur, he said, “we all are positive and the Judiciary will also consider it positively.”
J. Vijaya Tahilramani said that, use of technology to deliver the justice for the people with transparency is the priority of our judiciary. Meanwhile, underlining the importance of speedy justice, she said, with such building it is important that, we shall maintain the quality of delivery system and judgements to deliver the justice in time.