Kushal CREDAI Pune Metro to conduct program for up-skilling civil engineers, technical staff

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Pune, 3rd March 2023: Kushal CREDAI-Pune Metro chairman J P Shroff has announced the launching of a program for up-skilling of civil engineers and other technical staff, who are currently working in the construction industry.

“It is the first time in the history of India, that Kushal-CREDAI Pune Metro will train civil engineers and other technical staff like supervisors, store managers, safety officers etc. We intend to start this program, which will consist of different courses by April 1,” JP Shroff said.

JP Shroff was speaking at the ‘Orientation Session on Up-skilling Program for Technical Staff’ held at the CREDAI Pune Metro office on Wednesday March 1. CREDAI Pune Metro Vice President Ranjit Naiknavare, Kushal Credai Steering Committee members Sameer Belwalkar and Kapil Trimal alongwith CREDAI Pune Metro Director GeneralDr D K Abhyankar, General Manager Urmila Julka, CREDAI staff Paallavi Kothari, Sameer Parkhi, were present on the occasion.

“The need of the hour is that the civil engineers and other technical staff should up-skill themselves. Sensing the gap of demand and availability of skills, we have designed several courses. On completion, civil engineers and technical staff will get a CREDAI certification,” Shroff said.

“We will first conduct an assessment of the staff, based on their present skills and identify areas in which they need training. Accordingly, we will provide them training by industry experts. This assessment will start soon,” elaborated Manager Technical Paallavi Kothari.

The program, comprising different workshops, will have classroom training, as well as practical on-site training. The duration of these workshops will differ, and it will be from 2-15 days or even 30 days to 3 months. Tailor-made programs will also be made available.

The program will include site planning workshops, which will have courses on RPL of technical staff, how to plan a day on site, understanding and interpretation of drawings, safety at site, trade specific training.

It will also have site management modules, which will include courses on overall project execution, material management, safety management, role of technical staff in MAHARERA and project management.

There will also be workshops in quality management, advanced technology, green construction, team building and soft skills and on different softwares in the construction industry.

Terming the courses as a “stepping stone”, Ranjit Naiknavare urged the civil engineers and other technical staff to consider taking up such courses for better prospects.