Land Measurement Survey Planned for 19 Cantonments Including Pune and Khadki

pcb pune cantonment board
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Pune, 20th February 2024: The Directorate General of Defence Estates (DGDE) is set to initiate a comprehensive land measurement survey covering 19 cantonments, a critical step for the demarcation of civil areas in collaboration with municipal corporations.

Among the cantonments earmarked for the survey are Pune, Khadki, Dehu Road, Bhingar in Ahmednagar, Deolali in Nashik, and Kamptee in Nagpur. A special one-day session was conducted by the additional director general, overseeing the survey department in the DGDE office, in collaboration with the chief executive officers of the cantonments and seven defence estate officers (DEOs) under the Southern Command’s jurisdiction.

During the session held in Pune, discussions delved into the intricacies of the upcoming land measurement exercise and the technology employed for the survey. Engineers responsible for conducting the survey were also present at the session. The primary focus of the land survey is to demarcate and establish clear boundaries for both notified civil areas and military zones within the cantonments. This includes conducting boundary surveys and fixing boundaries of defence land parcels to prevent encroachment.

Notably, Pune and Khadki cantonment boards possess numerous vacant land plots, including old grant sites, many of which are currently unfenced. Recognizing the significant value of these plots, worth crores of rupees, officials from the DGDE emphasize the importance of fencing these areas post-survey to safeguard against potential encroachment.