Landslide Threat: 72 Villages in Pune District Identified as High Risk, Protective Measures Proposed

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Pune, 19th December 2023: A recent survey jointly conducted by the Ground Water Survey and Development Agency (GSDA) and the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has identified 72 villages in the Pune district as prone to landslides, posing a potential threat to residents. The Public Works Department (PWD) has submitted a comprehensive report detailing protective measures required in 44 of these villages to District Collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh.

He has promptly forwarded this proposal to the Maharashtra state government, seeking funding to address the imminent danger in these vulnerable areas. The Central and State Governments have allocated funds through the 15th Finance Commission to support measures aimed at mitigating various calamities. This initiative comes in the wake of the Malin disaster in 2014, which exposed 23 villages in Pune district to similar risks.

Following the recent survey conducted by GSDA and GSI, the PWD has proposed protective works valued at Rs 68.17 lakh six thousand in 44 villages. The proposed measures include physical inspection of cracks, construction of protective walls, drainage solutions, tree planting, and setting up alternative arrangements for temporary relocation.

Disaster Management Officer Vitthal Banote confirmed that Collector Dr. Deshmukh has sent the comprehensive report to the state government for approval. The proposed protective works aim to safeguard the identified villages from potential landslides and ensure the safety of the residents.

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The Taluka-wise list of dangerous villages includes:

Ambegaon: Kalewadi 1 and 2, Jamblewadi, Panchale Khurd, Bhagatwadi Khurd, Talpewadi, Saravali, Awalewadi, Asane, Kusare Khurd, Adivare, Kalwadi, Ambere, Kusare Budruk, Pasarwadi, Borghar, Megholi, Digad, Bendarwadi, Sakeri, Koltawade, Darewadi

Maval: Malewadi, Sangise, Lohgad, Wadeshwar, Vaund, Taje, Shilatne, Kalkarai, Falane, Veherwadi, Boraj, Bhushi, Kusawali, Mormarewadi

Velhe: Tekpole, Ambwane, Singapore, Garjewadi, Ghol, Givshi, Mangaon, Dhangarwadi, Wadghar, Harpur

Mulshi: Ghutke, Gadle, Vitthalwadi, Hivalevasti, Vajarkarwadi, Sai, Zadachiwadi, Kalamshet

Khed: Naiphad, Shendrewadi, Gadad, Sonarwadi, Shirgaon, Gadwadi

Bhor: Dhanwali, Dehane, Sonarwadi, Nanwale, Jamblewadi

Junnar: Bhiwade Khurd, Bhiwade Budruk, Sonawle, Hatavij, Gangaldhare