‘Lisbeth Quartett’ to perform in Pune

13 November 2019, Pune- “[Greve’s] music is an exciting and energetic process with subtle movement, stripped down to the bare essentials, down to an aesthetic of distinctive moods and intense emotion,” the Financial Times Germany

“The quartet entices with compositions that are truly of our time, with a seasoned technique and a multi-faceted sound.” – Fono Forum

Mellow, experimental, emotional, layered, exciting and all of that at once: That’s Lisbeth Quartett. The 2009 founded Jazz-Echo winners live equally divided in New York and Germany but still manage to be regularly touring together.

The four virtuosi Charlotte Greve (saxophon and band leader), Manuel Schmiedel (piano), Moritz Baumgärtner (drums) and Igor Spallati (bass) will be bringing their unique tunes to the Jazz lovers of our town Pune for the first time.

Packed will be their freshly recorded album There Is Only One Make. Charlotte Greve herself describes it as a piece with its “details and depths [being created] hit by hit“. She says, “Before we recorded, we carried the pieces with us for a longer time and performed them in many concerts together.”
Greve herself writes the tunes being used for the recordings. Originally being from Berlin, she got a scholarship to study Jazz at the New York University. When you listen to the music you can definitely make out the music-inspirational influence of Big Apple. The music of Lisbeth Quartett invites you to lean back in your tweet-armchair with bourbon on the rocks in your hands, dreaming about the roaring twenties and their classy Lounge Jazz. You can get quite lost into those pensive compositions and the rich and heavily layered story they tell.

As Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan Pune being a place of intercultural communication an exchange, we invited this quartett, who are also touring other cities in South Asia, to enchant you with their harmonies of Jazz for one night. The concert will be hosted by the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Pune in collaboration with the Poona Music Society.

When? – 16.11.2019 / 7 pm
Where? – Mazda Hall, Dastur Primary School, Opp. Ladies Club, Camp, Pune
Free Entry
Event Partners: The Poona Music Society

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