Maharashtra: 7/12 Land Extract Gets Makeover For The First Time In 50 years

7 12 land extract
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Pune, September 4, 2020: Adapting with the newer technologies, the state government has allowed the changes in the 7/12 extract for the first time in the last 50 years. The new extract will have a state government and land records department’s watermark logos.

Similarly, there will be two different 7/12 extract for agriculture and non-agriculture lands. The decision to change the extract was taken in a meeting convened under State revenue minister Balasaheb Thorat recently.

There have been numerous incidents where it was found that the extracts have been tampered with for various reasons. Since these extracts contain complex language, a common person would find it difficult to read and understand it. But with this decision, it would be easy for understanding as well as for verifying its authenticity.

“The decision would be implemented within a couple of days”, said deputy district collector Ramdas Jagtap.

Changes on the extract
* For non-agriculture land, no. 12 will not be printed. It would have only no. 7
* All the extracts will have a watermark and a logo.
* The extract will have the village’s LGD (Local Government Directory) code on it.