Maharashtra: 89% Pass Rate in Third Real Estate Agents’ Exam Including 83-Year-Old Candidate From Pune

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Mumbai, 7th December 2023: The outcome of the third real estate agents’ examination, conducted on November 22, has been declared, revealing that 4461 out of 4954 candidates have successfully passed. The pass rate for this examination stands at 89%, with the first exam yielding a 96% success rate and the second exam at 93%.

Out of the total candidates, 4954 participated in this examination, and 4461 emerged successfully. This includes 3803 males and 658 females. Remarkably, among them, 200 candidates are senior citizens, with 10 being above the age of seventy and two above the age of 80. Notably, one candidate from Nagpur is 85 years old Sudhakar Bhusari, and another from Pune is 83 years old Kulwant Nath, adding a distinctive aspect to this result.

Within this result, Pallavi Upadhyay from Mumbai, Anil Kumar Khandelwal from Thane, and Sunny Duggal from Raigad have collectively secured the first position by scoring an impressive 98% marks.

To date, a total of 7678 candidates have qualified as agents across all three exams. The current exam saw 4461 candidates passing, with 4461 in the first exam, 405 in the first exam, and 2812 in the second exam.

MahaRERA, through an order dated January 10, 2023, has mandated that new agent registrations and renewals require training and the acquisition of a prescribed certificate.

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Vinay Patil, a successful agent based in Pune who passed the exam, emphasized the crucial role of Real Estate consultants in the sector, serving as a vital link between Allottees and Promoters while facilitating numerous real estate transactions.

Highlighting the significance of the fraternity as key stakeholders for allottees, Patil stressed the importance of possessing a comprehensive understanding of real estate transactions. This knowledge, he noted, is essential for guiding allottees and preventing potential disputes.

Expressing gratitude for the initiative taken by MahaRERA, Patil commended the competency exams, part of the Capacity Building and Certification Program. These exams, designed for individuals embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey in the Real Estate sector, provide comprehensive training. Patil believes that the training, coupled with RERA exams, will contribute to maintaining consistency in practices. Furthermore, he expects it to enhance participants’ knowledge and awareness of the regulatory framework and practices of MahaRERA.

An ‘agent’ in the real estate sector plays a crucial role as a link between home buyers and developers. They are often the initial point of contact for customers, providing primary information about projects. Recognizing their significance, all agents in this sector are required to be well-versed in the important provisions of the RERA Act. Ensuring uniformity, consistency, and clarity in delivering essential information about regulatory provisions such as the Agreement for Sale, Allotment letters post-registration, built-up area, defect liability period, etc., is crucial. Customers base their home-buying decisions on this information, prompting MahaRERA to make training and certification mandatory, prioritizing customer interests.

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