Maharashtra: Amnesty Scheme Launched For Permanently Disconnected Electricity Consumers Of MSEDCL

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Mumbai, 1st March 2022: The Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut today announced Vilasrao Deshmukh Amnesty Scheme for permanently disconnected (PD) MSEDCL consumers, more than 32 lakhs, across the state.



Addressing a press conference at Lonar in Buldhana district Dr Raut said there were 32,16,500 all category PD consumers having arrears of Rs 9354 Crore. The PD consumers availing of this scheme would get a 100% waiver of interest and delay payment charges. If the arrears were paid in one installment, additional rebate of 5% and 10% would be given to HT and LT PD consumers.



The scheme would be effectively implemented from 1st March 2022 to 31st August 2022. It would be applicable to all category consumers except agricultural consumers.



He instructed the MSEDCL to draft an amnesty scheme for the PD consumers in the name of former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Vilasrao Deshmukh. He constantly reviewed the progress of drafting of this scheme. It was visualised that the amnesty scheme would help the MSEDCL to improve its financial health by recovering the PD arrears and at the same time would benefit the PD consumers.




He further said the scheme would help PD consumers to restart their business for industrial and commercial purposes. The implementation of the said scheme would revive the closed businesses and industries generating employment for millions of people boosting the economy of the state.



Easy instalment payment facilities for the consumers are made available. The first instalment should be 30 % of the basic amount. Later on, they can pay it in 6 instalments. At the same time, it would be mandatory to pay the prescribed instalment along with the amount of the current bill.



If the beneficiary consumer did not pay the remaining instalments, the re-waived interest and delay charges would be re-applied.



Subjudice Cases


If MSEDCL had filed a recovery suit in the court for recovery of arrears and if the consumer wanted to avail the above scheme, then such consumer would be bound to pay the legal expenses to MSEDCL.



In case the decree has been passed in favour of MSEDCL and the period has not passed more than 12 years and the beneficiary has not filed any appeal anywhere, then such consumers can avail the benefit of the scheme. However, consumers who have raised a dispute in court will not be able to avail the benefits of this scheme. The scheme would be applicable in the franchise area also.






The MSEDCL will supply power if the PD consumer wants to take advantage of this scheme. For which it has to apply for a new service connection and have to pay for the reconnection changes and deposit as per the rule.



Benefits of the scheme:


1) 32 lakh consumers in the state will get the opportunity to reconnect.



2) It will revive commercial and industrial activities generating employment.



3) The PD consumers will get rebate of around Rs. 1,445 crore in interest and penalty amount.



4) MSEDCL will get some amount from the PD arrears improving its financial condition.



Category of PD Consumers & Arrears


There is a total of 27,32,643 Residential consumers having arrears of Rs 3317.21 Cr, 3,79,528 PD Commercial Consumers having arrears of Rs 749.14 Cr, 57087 Industrial Consumers having arrears of Rs 310.03 Cr, 25793 PWW consumers having arrears of Rs 613, 193597 Ag Consumers having arrears of Rs 830 Cr and other 48,000 consumers having arrears of Rs 80 Cr.