Maharashtra: Candidates Granted Rights to Challenge Answers with New Objection System in CET Exams

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Pune, 27th March 2024: In a bid to uphold transparency and accountability in the assessment process, candidates partaking in various vocational course exams administered by the State Common Entrance Test Cell (CET Cell) in Pune will now have the opportunity to file objections on answer sheets. However, candidates availing of this facility will be required to remit a fee of one thousand rupees for each objection raised.

The Common Entrance Test (CET) serves as the gateway for admission into a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses facilitated by the State Common Entrance Test Chamber. Candidates are empowered to scrutinize and contest answers within their answer sheets, facilitated by the Obsession Tracker facility developed by the CET Cell. A predefined schedule for objection filing has been outlined on the official website, with candidates afforded the means to monitor the progress of objections through the Objection Tracker platform.

From the 27th to the 3rd of April, candidates can lodge objections and concerns about questions and answers, provided the requisite fee is paid. Notably, results from examinations conducted across multiple sessions will be adjudicated based on equated marks, ensuring parity among candidates. However, it’s imperative to note that the original marks obtained by candidates may deviate from the equivalent marks.

Furthermore, it has been explicitly clarified that objections can solely be registered through the email address utilized during the registration process. For comprehensive details and further clarifications, candidates are encouraged to visit, where pertinent information regarding the objection filing process is readily accessible.