Maharashtra Education Department Updates Uniform Policy for Government Schools

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Pune, 8th June 2023: Maharashtra school education department has made a significant decision regarding uniforms as the new academic year approaches. The previous mandate of providing identical uniforms to students from class 1 to class 8 in state government and local government schools has been revoked. The responsibility of providing uniforms for scout and guide subjects, previously assigned to the government, has now been transferred to the school management committees.

State School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar had previously announced the implementation of a One State One Uniform scheme, which entailed uniforms of a single color for students in aided schools across the state. However, as schools began distributing uniforms, concerns were raised about the feasibility of the new government scheme. Consequently, the government opted for a compromise by providing only one uniform instead of the originally planned two. While the school management committees were entrusted with the responsibility of the second uniform, the Maharashtra Primary Education Council issued a circular regarding the provision of uniforms for the academic year 2023-24.

According to the circular, the school management committees were directed to provide one uniform worth Rs 300. However, uncertainty loomed over the fate of the second uniform provided by the government.

To address these concerns, the School Education Department released a new government decision on Thursday, emphasizing the implementation of uniforms. The directive states that eligible students should receive the benefit of two uniforms through the School Management Committee during the academic year 2023-24, under the Samagra Shiksha Program.

The State Project Director of the Maharashtra Primary Education Council is responsible for distributing funds based on the rates set by the Central Government. In order to prevent financial losses to those involved, the government will provide uniforms to students for the academic year 2023-24, as determined by the school management committee, utilizing the funds allocated to them. Additionally, students who are part of the Scout and Guide discipline will receive uniforms following the prescribed guidelines (light blue shirt and dark blue half pants/pants for boys, light blue shirt and dark blue skirt for girls, or dark blue salwar kameez and light blue kameez in schools). The school management committees will oversee the distribution of these uniforms, which should include shirts with shoulder strips and two pockets.

Scout and Guide classes are conducted twice a week, preferably on Saturdays. As a result, students will be required to wear the designated uniform for the subject on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On the remaining three days (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), students are to wear uniforms of a color determined by the school management committee.

Starting from the academic year 2024-25, the government plans to provide two uniforms of the same color to all schools by engaging local women’s self-help groups for stitching purposes. It has been emphasized that no local-level actions regarding the free uniform scheme should be taken in the academic year 2024-25, and detailed instructions will be issued separately.

This decision aims to streamline the provision of uniforms to students, ensuring their availability and addressing concerns related to the previous government scheme. The involvement of school management committees and local women’s self-help groups in the process reflects a collaborative effort to enhance uniform distribution and support local communities.


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