Maharashtra Government Responds to Right to Love’s Plea, Initiates ‘Safe Houses’ for Inter-Caste/Inter-Religious Couples

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Pune, 1st January 2024: In response to a compelling plea by the Right to Love organization, the Maharashtra government has taken a progressive step by initiating the establishment of ‘Safe Houses’ across the state. This move aims to ensure the safety of inter-caste and inter-religious couples, preventing crimes related to honor killings.

The demand, articulated on behalf of Right to Love, found success as the government issued a circular on 19th December 2023, instructing District Collectors to set up Safe Houses in every district. The circular emphasizes the formation of committees under the chairmanship of District Collectors, signifying a strategic approach to address the safety concerns of love marriage couples.

Advocate Vikas Shinde, representing Right to Love, expressed appreciation for the government’s decision, stating, “This circular, aligned with the Supreme Court’s decision in Shakti Vahini v. Government of India, marks a crucial milestone in safeguarding the rights of love marriage couples in Maharashtra.”

The Safe Houses will offer a accomodation for inter-caste and inter-religious couples, with the government taking full responsibility for their stay and security. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of preventing honor killings, creating a supportive environment for couples exercising their right to love.