Maharashtra Makes RTPCR Test Compulsory For Air Travellers From Other States, People Demand Rollback Of This New Rule

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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 1st December 2021: A day after the Maharashtra government issued guidelines making it mandatory for air travellers from other states to have the negative RTPCR test report for Coronavirus disease (COVID19), people are demanding its rollback.

The new rule states, “In case of passengers from other States, negative RTPCR test within 48 hours of arrival will be compulsory without exceptions.”

Sudhir Mehta, president of Pune-based Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA), said, “While we all support reasonable restrictions, reintroduction of RTPCR for domestic travel as done in Maharashtra serves little purpose for those already vaccinated. It’s okay to not need RTPCR to travel from Nagpur to Pune but need one to come back from Delhi? Needs review.”

Mehta tweeted, “Even after 18 months, Govt. of Maharashtra continues to be capricious when it comes to handling the pandemic. The arbitrary order of making RTPCR tests mandatory for all Domestic travel from outside the state, even for those fully vaccinated is shortsighted, and ill-considered. 

Not only does this order cause extreme inconvenience for business travelers, it is void of science & logic. Instead of encouraging vaccination, Govt. of MH with its new order has taken away the leverage of vaccinated citizens and got them at par with those un-vaccinated.

There is nothing to say of the randomness that this order is only imposed on Air Travel, & is effective immediately. While it is important to be cautious about the new variant #Omicorn, such knee jerk orders will only cause panic, and push back our road to recovery & normalcy.”

Dr Ayush Gupta tweeted, “Just such a retrograde decision.. Two years since the pandemic and we keep going back to things that never worked in the first place. We didn’t have flights for three months at all. The virus still spread. Not learning from the past at all.”