Maharashtra: Students Yet To Get Rs 14 Crore Submitted In Colleges As Deposit Money

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Pune, 17th April 2022: It has come to light that students’ deposit money (Rs 14 crore) is still lying with 54 colleges in Maharashtra. It is being demanded to use this amount for economically backward students as they have faced financial difficulties during the Corona period.

Students have to pay a deposit while getting admission to the college. The colleges are expected to refund the amount when the student leaves the college.

Amar Ekad, president of Cops Students’ Union, has collected information about the deposit amount by seeking information under the Right to Information (ATI) Act from 54 colleges in different parts of the state. Accordingly, it has become clear that the amount of Rs 14.37 crore has not been returned to the students by the concerned 54 colleges.

Against this background, Ekad said that this amount should be used for the education of economically backward students so that the deposits of the students lying with the colleges in the state are not misused. Circulars in that regard should be published by the Department of Higher Education.