Maharashtra’s Black Spot Challenge: Aims to Curb 1004 Accident Zones

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Pune, 20th August 2023: A recent revelation highlights the existence of 1004 accident-prone areas, often referred to as “black spots,” scattered across various roads throughout the Maharashtra state. In response to this alarming data, authorities have devised a comprehensive three-tier strategy to curb the frequency of road accidents, with plans for swift implementation in the near future.

Ravindra Singhal, Additional Director General of Police for Highways Police, stated, “We are dedicated to implementing necessary measures to curtail road accidents across these hazardous spots.” 

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the Highway Police have meticulously compiled a detailed report that delves into the root causes and specific locations of these accidents. This exhaustive report has been formally submitted to the National Highways Authority (NHAI), the Public Works Department, and the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). All three of these entities are poised to collaborate in order to mitigate the prevalence of these dangerous black spots at their respective jurisdictional levels.

The statistics from last year reflect a staggering 33,039 recorded road accidents in the state, resulting in a tragic toll of 14,883 fatalities. Consequently, a total of 1004 black spots have been pinpointed across various regions within the state. The city of Pune alone accounts for 23 of these hazardous locations. 

The gravity of the issue was emphasized when Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the Chandni Chowk flyover in Pune recently, coinciding with a strategic meeting addressing this very concern. During the meeting, critical directives were issued to the administrative body, accompanied by recommendations for transportation adjustments.

In light of this data, the proposed solutions are categorized into three time frames:

  1. Short Term Measures: This involves the installation of speed breakers, illumination of accident-prone zones, and the erection of prominent notice boards to alert motorists.
  2. Medium Term Solutions: This approach entails the strategic division of roads, modifying the layout where necessary to create safer driving conditions.
  3. Long Term Interventions: This encompasses ambitious projects such as constructing flyovers, expanding road widths, and implementing bypasses where the situation demands.

The identification of 1004 black spots across the state has prompted immediate action. The relevant departments have received directives to embark on essential interventions aimed at minimizing the occurrence of road accidents.

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