Man Attempts To Kidnap 11-Year-Old Girl In Pune; Girl Escapes With The Help Of Her Alert Friend

Bhosari police station
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Pune, 2nd July 2022: In a shocking incident, a man attempted to kidnap an 11-year-old girl as she was walking home from school on Thursday in Bhosari. However, the girl and her friend were able to stop the attempted kidnapping. In this case, an unidentified person was detained, and the police began looking for the offender.

According to the authorities, the girl and her friend were on their way home after school. A car abruptly stopped in front of her, and an unidentified man got out and approached the girl, telling her that her father had sent him to fetch her up. He attempted to force the girl into the car when she declined to ride with him. When her friend saw the incident she started yelling for help. The man then ran away from the scene.


The girl told her parents about the incident when she got home, and they went to the Bhosari police and reported it.


According to the child, the kidnapper arrived in a white car. He had a beard and was dressed in jeans and a shirt. In a white sedan, he arrived. The local CCTV footage was examined by the police. They received clues through it


Bhaskar Jadhav Senior Police Inspector stated, “We reviewed the local CCTV material. The vehicle was recognised, but its licence plate was a fake. The footage covers the face of the unidentified person. We are attempting to find the accused.”