Manthan Simplifies Marketing Orchestration with Artificial Intelligence

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October 26, 2018: Manthan, a leading cloud analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled analytics solutions provider, today announced further ‘AI-sation’ of its Customer Marketing Platform, that will deliver huge business value to marketing and customer insights professionals.

Manthan’s solutions use capabilities such as machine learning based predictive models and recommendation engines. They also offer intuitive natural language interface for business users. These technologies empower marketers and scale their efforts through insights and intelligent decision making. The AI-led system can now take on effort-intensive marketing orchestration, freeing up precious analyst time. Automated insights generation further strengthens its omnichannel personalization, real-time interaction management and customer lifecycle marketing use cases, that are particularly appealing to consumer industries.

A recent Forrester report, The Forrester Tech Tide™: Artificial Intelligence For Business Insights, Q3 2018, states “By harnessing and implementing business insights, firms can drive growth and create differentiating experiences, products, and services. Survey respondents at companies that have reached an advanced state of insights-driven maturity are already thriving – they are twice as likely as less mature companies to have grown 20% or more in the last fiscal year.”

“As customer expectations continue to spiral, consumer facing businesses need to be on their toes. Investments in proven AI technologies can deliver revenue growth through improved customer experience and by maximizing customer value,” said Atul Jalan, CEO at Manthan.

“Organizations that do not have a large data science team struggle to make business insights actionable. It is critical that AI enabled solutions cater to business users who have no coding background – that’s the key to improving adoption of solutions that have been considered ‘elitist’ and making a real impact on business growth,” added Atul Batra, CTO at Manthan.