Maratha Reservation: Manoj Jarange Patil To Begin Indefinite Hunger Strike On June 4

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Jalna, 14th May 2024: Manoj Jarange Patil, who has been advocating for the Maratha community reservation, has rekindled the fervour of the movement.

Addressing the media today, he announced his intention to commence another indefinite hunger strike for the Maratha reservation, scheduled to begin on June 4, coinciding with the Lok Sabha Election results. Notably, he criticized the Maharashtra State Government’s 10% reservation, alleging it hasn’t benefited the Maratha community.

Jarange Patil said, “My fight is for justice for the Maratha community. I will resume my indefinite fast on June 4. Despite the presence of Maratha leaders in all parties, the community hasn’t reaped the benefits of the 10% reservation. Even the poor Maratha children belonging to the BJP have suffered. Although the government allotted 10% reservation, it remains unimplemented. Regardless of the election outcome, my fast will commence at 9 am. I have the support of the people and the entire six crore Maratha community.”

When questioned about his message to the Maratha community amid his hunger strike, he expressed confidence, stating, “I don’t need to appeal to the community now. The Maratha society is well-informed and supports me wholeheartedly. I believe they will peacefully protest across villages once my fast begins.”

In the special legislative session held on February 20, 2024, a bill granting 10% reservation to the Maratha community was unanimously passed. A revised point list for job recruitment and educational admissions was also released on February 27. In response, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde asserted, “Reservation for the Maratha community has been implemented. I’m confident that the youth will benefit from this reservation in terms of employment and education.”

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