Market Shift in Pune: Oranges Witness Significant Price Drop, Cheaper Than Mosambi

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Market Yard, 25th February 2024: In Pune, the usual price trend where oranges are priced at double the cost of mangoes has seen a significant shift this year. The price of oranges has dropped considerably, attributed to a substantial influx from various states, including Maharashtra. In the retail market of the city, oranges are currently being sold at a range of Rs 40 to Rs 50, while Mosambi (Sweet Lemon) is priced at Rs 80 to Rs 100, according to a market yard official.


Although Shirur taluka in the Pune district produces a small number of oranges, the market is currently flooded with arrivals from other regions such as Rajasthan and Amravati. Additionally, the usual arrivals from Ahmednagar district continue. The oranges from Amravati and Rajasthan are noted for their sweet taste, while those from Nagar district offer a mix of sour and sweet flavours. The fruit section of the market yard is witnessing daily arrivals of 60 to 80 tonnes of oranges.


In the Pune district, Mosambi cultivation is limited, with a significant cultivation hub in the Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district. The Mosambi from this region enter the market yard. With the conclusion of the mango-bahar season for oranges, the spring season has commenced, bringing in 10 to 15 tons of oranges for the mango season. Additionally, there is an influx of 40 to 50 tonnes of Mosambi in the new monsoon season.


Traditionally, Mosambi is priced higher than oranges. However, the current scenario is different due to a substantial arrival of oranges from the Rajasthan, Amravati, and Nagar districts of the state. As a result, oranges are currently more expensive than mangoes in the market, as stated by market yard vendors.


Wholesale market prices are reported as follows:

– Oranges: Rs 12 to Rs 35 per kg

– Mosambi: Rs 30 to

Rs 70 per kg