Measures Taken to Curb Speeding on Mumbai-Pune Expressway Show Progress, Drop In Fatal Accidents

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Mumbai/Pune, 1st January 2024: Despite significant efforts by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited and State Highway Police to curb accidents on the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway (Mumbai-Pune Expressway), the persistently high speed of vehicles remains a cause for concern. The expressway, known for its fast-paced traffic, sees vehicles covering two kilometres in just a minute, emphasizing the need for stricter speed control measures.

The implementation of several measures has contributed to a notable reduction in accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Initiatives such as CCTV cameras strategically placed at accident-prone spots, the use of speed guns, anti-stop belts, and informative notice boards have played a pivotal role. The introduction of penal actions against traffic rule violators has led to a 50% decrease in accidents, showcasing the efficacy of these measures.

While accidents have decreased, the number of vehicles violating speed limits persists. The expressway, where the speed limit for light vehicles is 100 km per hour and 80 km per hour for heavy vehicles, witnesses many drivers surpassing these limits. Even after facing penalties, some continue to disregard speed limits, necessitating a renewed focus on public awareness and education.

To tackle speeding more effectively, the Maharashtra State Highway Police has introduced the French-made automatic machine ‘Mesta Fusion’ on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This innovative device captures photographic evidence of speed limit violators and transmits the information to the highway police control room within seconds. Offenders face a proposed fine of Rs 1000 along with license suspension, adding a stringent deterrent to speeding.

On Bor Ghat, where heavy vehicles slow down, four-wheelers often face congestion. Once free from traffic, drivers tend to accelerate to make up for lost time. Automatic cameras on the road capture images of vehicles violating speed limits, resulting in an instant fine of Rs 2000 sent to the mobile phones of offenders.

Despite the success in reducing accidents, it is crucial to remain vigilant. The following data highlights the accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway over the past five years:

– 2019:
– Accidents: 60
– Injured: 210
– Death: 61

– 2020:
– Accidents: 53
– Injured: 207
– Death: 60

– 2021:
– Accidents: 40
– Injured: 87
– Death: 40

– 2022:
– Accidents: 33
– Injured: 130
– Death: 50

– 2023:
– Accidents: 15
– Injured: 34
– Death: 23