“Meditation: Key to A Healthy, Happy, and Joyous Life” for all Punekars In association with the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India Saturday 6th October, Ganesh Kala KridaManch

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Pune,  4th Oct, 2018: Sri SriParamahansaYogananda, author of the spiritual classic, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, and founder of YogodaSatsanga Society of India (YSS) was one of the great saints who introduced truth-seekers all over the world to yoga meditation. His universal Kriya Yoga teachings enable all to create for themselves spiritually harmonious lives, and to contribute to a more compassionate and peaceful world. His work and influence continue to grow.  As modern man learns to use the ancient science of yoga meditation to go within, he recognizes and realizes the true purpose of life.


In recognition of Yoganandaji’s spiritual stature, and his far-reaching contributions to mankind, the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India has decided to celebrate his 125th Birth Anniversary in the year 2018-19 (https://indiaculture.nic.in/currents) by promoting the awareness of meditation.


In association with the Government, YSS is organising public talks in various cities, beginning from Pune for the benefit of the society at-large, that by the daily practice of Kriya Yoga meditation,  people of all faiths and races can lead a balanced life of meditation and activity. This will free them from the threefold suffering of physical disease, mental inharmony, and spiritual ignorance (and impart health, peace and prosperity).


As part of these celebrations, YSS will hold a spiritual discourse in Pune. The talk entitled ‘ Meditation: Key to A Healthy, Happy, and Joyous Life’ will be given on Saturday, 6th October at the Ganesh Kala KridaManch, Swargate from 5.30 -6.30pm.


Swami Smarananandaji’s non-sectarian talk will highlight the importance of meditation in one’s overall self-improvement. At the end of the free public talk, those interested will get an opportunity to learn a specific technique of meditation from Swamiji.All are welcome.


At a Press Conference organized by YSS at its Pune Kendra, Swami SmarananandaGiri, the General Secretary and Member of the YSS Board of Directors, provided the following message:


“Today, YSS is established as a spiritual and charitable organization with its four ashrams – one each in Ranchi, Kolkata, Dwarahat (near Ranikhet) and Noida – and more than 200 meditation centres all over India. Through these centres YSS makes available the Yoga teachings of ParamahansaYogananda so that all Truth- seekers can attain a direct perception of the Divine. 

The Society “serves mankind as one’s own larger self” through its many educational institutions, free dispensaries, eye and medical camps, scholarships to the needy, and aid to those affected by natural calamities.”


Practitioners of Kriya Yoga can personally vouch for the efficacy of Kriya Yoga in granting material success along with supreme fulfilment, while enabling one to calmly face the daily challenges of this fast-paced modern world.


It may be recalled that in the year1977, while issuing a commemorative stamp in Paramahansaji’shonour on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his Mahasamadhi, the Government of India paid him the tribute:

The ideal of love for God and service to humanity found full expression in the life of ParamahansaYogananda.He takes his place among our great saints. His work continues to grow and shine ever more brightly, drawing people everywhere on the path of the pilgrimage of the spirit.”


For the last 100 years, YogodaSatsanga Society of India (YSS), has been dedicated to carrying on the spiritual and humanitarian work of its founder-guru.

The YSS Centenary Postage Stamp Release was presided by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi in March 2017 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.


Those who register for the talk at http://yss.org/pn can avail a free e-book copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi.

Benefits from the talk for all in their personal and professional lives include:


  1. Enhance your focus and productivity
  2. Objectively analyse situations with more clarity and depth
  3. Improve your will power to achieve goals and change habits
  4. Develop intuition to get guidance in solving life’s problems
  5. Understand others’ perspective and function more harmoniously in family and in teams.
  6. Understand the unifying purpose of life.
  7. Experience within the truths expressed in various scriptures



Event:Spiritual discourse on “Meditation: Key to A Healthy, Happy, and Joyous Life”

Date:Saturday 6th October 530-630 pm

Venue:Ganesh Kala KridaManch, Swargate

Entry:FREE for all

Those who register for the talk at http://yss.org/pn can avail a free e-book copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi.