Modern Twist to Traditional Godhadi Art: Exhibit by Artist Sujata Opens in Pune

gondhadi sujata thorat
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Pune, 23rd October 2023: When it comes to traditional Indian quilting, the word ‘Godhadi’ often conjures up images of a vibrant patchwork of fabrics. Starting October 24, Pune residents will get an opportunity to witness Godhadi art in a new light. Artist Sujata Thorat presents her unique interpretation of this ancient art form at the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, opposite Mahatma Phule Museum on Ghole Road. The exhibit will run through October 29, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. It has been curated by Art curator Priyamvada Pawar.

A Fresh Take on Godhadi Art
“In my artistic expression, traditional Godhadi has been given a modern twist. I have taken the subjects of Godhadi from our daily life and presented it in a simplified manner,” Sujata shares. “As an artist, I have paid more attention to different techniques, color composition, focal points, and subject matter. I am very pleased with the Godhadi art I have created, which brings a new look of modernity.”

From Tradition to Modernity
Sujata’s exhibit promises to be a vibrant tapestry that blends the traditional with the contemporary. She has incorporated elements from daily life into her art, using a variety of techniques and colors. The boldness of the hues and the intricacies of the designs are meant to captivate the audience, offering them an entirely new perspective on Godhadi art.

Mark Your Calendars
Those interested in experiencing this unique blend of tradition and modernity should mark their calendars for Sujata’s Godhadi Art exhibit. The exhibition promises not just a visual treat but also a fresh outlook on an art form deeply rooted in Indian culture.