Moroccan theme Lunch coordinated by students at Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management

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11 Feb 2019, Pune:

Students of M.A.Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management & Research organized a Moroccan theme
Lunch “ Ras El Hanout”.Delicious food from all parts of Morocco were prepared such as
Plain Melon Smoothie ,Harira, Sultat Alshamandar Bissara ,Chermoula Hummus, Alijafu, Tagin and
Black Olive Salad ,Moroccan Chicken Kebabs plus Beetroot and Orange Herb Salad. Split Peas and Fava
Beans Dip. Chicken with Preserved Meyer Lemon and Olives.

It was coordinated by Assistant Professor Imran Sayyed and other faculty members,students . Dr P A Inamdar (President, M.C.E Society) , Latif Magdoom ( Seceratory, M.C.E Society ), Principals of various hotel Management colleges and Parents of students relished the deliquesces dished out by the students.

Anita Frantz (Principal ,M.A. Rangoonwala I.H.M.R Pune ) appreciated the effort of the students,teaching and non teaching staff .