Mumbai safe due to pollution-free Mithi river -Environment minister Ramdas Kadam

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Mumbai, June 15:- Efforts for making the Mithi river pollution-free were on on war footing since last four years. Due to this, Mumbai city will be safe in future said environment minister Mr Ramdas Kadam.


 He was addressing media Conference at Hotel Taj Palace. Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, youth leader Aditya Thackeray were also present on the occasion. Mr Kadam further said that the Mithi river is 18 km long and till date, the deepening process till seven feet and 16 Kilometer has been completed. He said that the broadening of the river from 20 ,meters to 100 meters has been finished. He also said that there were about five thousand slum huts in the surroundings of the river. Out of these, four thousand 388 slum dweller huts have been removed.


 He further said that due to the sewage water from the slum area, plastic and garbage directly discharged into the Mithi river and hence it was getting more polluted. Due to the floating plastic garbage, water did not pass smoothly and flood like situation was created. In last four years, big campaign for making this river pollution-free and avert the fear of flood, was undertaken with priority. Mr Kadam said that security walls have been constructed on both the sides of the river and sewage treatment lines have also been constructed. He said that dam is going to be constructed so that the water from sea in the  tide prone area, should not enter the river. The environment minister said that five bridges have been constructed so that at the travelling of people in the vicinity should become easy adding that four more bridges are being constructed and the work is in progress.


Speaking on the occasion Aditya Thackeray said that the Maharashtra Government and Mumbai municipal corporation are working for clean and beautiful Mumbai. He also said that the purification work of Mithi river has been undertaken so that there should be no risk of flood to the city. He said that the people should not discharge the plastic items and domestic garbage in the river. Similarly, awareness should be brought among the people so that the sewage water is not discharge in it. At the beginning, Prashant Gangurde presented the information about construction work that is finished and that which is going on.