Mylab rolls out conventional kits and devices; To enable decentralized diagnostics and empower smaller labs

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Pune, February 9, 2023 | Mylab Discovery Solutions, India’s leading biotech company, is all set to roll out new in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices and kits range to empower small labs across the country. These devices and reagents, are specially designed to enable small to medium size laboratories and physicians’ clinics to perform diagnoses at their facilities, without having to send samples to central labs or other cities, which increases the risk of spoiled samples and delayed reporting.

Small labs, since decades, have been using devices designed for big labs with high work load. Therefore, labs and physicians with low workload had to collect samples and then send them in batches to central labs which are often not in the same city. This results in a long delay between sample collection and analysis.

Mylab is introducing conventional diagnostic solutions to create a decentralized diagnostic ecosystem where the lab near you will be able to offer quality diagnostics at faster turn-around. Labs in semi-urban and rural areas in India can now offer specialised tests to patients. This will help patients from remote areas to access specialised tests easily at their home locations and avail timely treatment.

The company is doing this by offering devices which have smaller reagent packs, smaller sample volume requirements, better sensitivity, linearity and are point of care and high throughput. Another interesting technology is that now consumers will be able to a detect accurate levels of natural vitamins levels (Biotin) even if an individual is consuming vitamin supplements.

“We have understood the gaps in existing offerings by existing IVD players and we are now well- positioned to empower laboratories with accelerated, cost-effective conventional IVD tests that can give results faster to physicians treating the patient. We plan to offer smaller, value for money packs of reagents for labs to drive volumes as was done by FMCG companies with their products”, said Rajesh Patel, Executive Director, Mylab.

Its range of devices includes ones with haematology, microbiology, immunology, blood grouping and many other applications. The company plans to roll out pan India through its network of distributors, and a highly trained and experienced sales force of more than 150 people.

About Mylab Discovery Solutions
We are an Indian biotech firm focused on developing & commercializing Molecular, Serological, Immunology testing solutions and equipment for applications in clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, biomedical research, agrigenomics, animal and food safety.