New Year’s Gift: Commercial LPG Gas Prices Drop on the First Day of 2024

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Mumbai, 1st January 2024: On the first day of the New Year, commercial LPG gas prices have been revised, with a reduction ranging from Rs 1.50 to Rs 4.50. This follows a previous reduction of Rs 39.50 in the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder on December 22. However, domestic gas rates remain unchanged.

Oil-producing companies typically revise gas cylinder rates on the first day of each month. As of January 1, 2024, the new rates have been implemented, affecting commercial gas prices. The rates for domestic gas cylinders, on the other hand, remain the same. Consequently, a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder can now be purchased for Rs 1708.50 in Mumbai, while the price in Delhi has risen to Rs 1755.50.

The price of domestic gas cylinders experienced a reduction of Rs 200 on August 30, 2023. Since then, there have been no further changes in domestic gas cylinder rates. Currently, a domestic gas cylinder is priced at Rs 902.50 in Mumbai, Rs 903 in Delhi, Rs 929 in Kolkata, and Rs 918.50 in Chennai.