Nitin Gadkari’s Visionary Blueprint: Rs 55,000 Crore Flyovers to Transform Pune’s Traffic Landscape, Will Make New Pune Like New Delhi And Navi Mumbai

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 15th September 2023: In a groundbreaking announcement, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Transport, has unveiled an ambitious plan to combat traffic congestion in Pune by investing a staggering Rs 55,000 Crores in a network of elevated roadways. Gadkari was speaking at the 40th Annual General Meeting of Credai Pune Metro.

His vision is nothing short of turning Pune into a thriving metropolis on par with Navi Mumbai and New Delhi, igniting a transformation in the city’s infrastructure.

Central to this colossal project is the commitment to reduce travel time between Nagpur and Pune to an astonishing 4.5 hours, an achievement that promises to reshape regional connectivity. Additionally, a comprehensive ring road system is slated for development, potentially allowing commuters to traverse Pune in a mere hour.

Gadkari, the visionary leader, has not stopped at this. He is passionately encouraging developers to explore the outskirts of Pune, promoting the creation of smart villages as an alternative to traditional smart cities. The allure lies in the cost-effective land acquisition opportunities that these areas offer, making it an enticing prospect for real estate pioneers.

In his relentless pursuit of efficiency, Minister Gadkari is advocating for the infusion of innovative technologies and techniques to rein in the spiraling construction costs that have plagued the region. Collaborations with prestigious institutions like IIT, aimed at nurturing groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge technologies, are firmly on the horizon.

Furthermore, the minister has set his sights on reducing logistics costs, which currently hover between 14% and 16%, down to an impressive 9%. His unyielding commitment to embracing foreign technologies has already yielded fruit, with recent projects witnessing a substantial reduction in construction expenditure.


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