No Water, No Roads but Lohegaon residents will vote 100 percent

Pune, October 20, 2019: As there was news published in several newspapers that in several areas of Pune, people are putting banners for No road/water, No vote but Lohegaon Residents Welfare Association (LRWA) is supporting voting for 100 % for development of Lohegaon.


They said that even Lohegaon residents are also facing same issue such as no water, no proper road, no street light and several civic issues, but as a responsible citizen group, LRWA will participate in Maharashtra Assembly elections on Monday (October 21) and encourage Lohegaon residents to cast their vote.


The LRWA is doing motivational drive aiming for 100 % voting in Lohegaon for development of the area, with banner requesting to do voting..aim is 100 % voting.

Since Saturday, LRWA teams have reached to 15 societies residents, almost more than 800 residents contacted and motivated for voting. Today also, LRWA team contacted more than 10 societies since morning by doing door to door voting awareness drive.


The LRWA team is aiming to cover maximum remaining societies of Lohegaon area, and motivating them. LRWA firmly believe if the people don’t vote then they do not have their right to criticize the government LRWA appeals everyone to participate and cast their VOTE as for LRWA, Vote means “Voice Of Taxpayers Everywhere”.

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