Nuts & Seeds for a healthy life

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22 November 2019, Pune-

Peanut: Peanuts are a significant source of biotin has been shown to not only stimulate hair growth, but also prevent hair loss.

Almond: are rich in magnesium and nutrients which promote hair growth. By preventing dandruff and hair damage, almond provides sufficient nutrition to the hair follicles that make the hair strands stronger, thus reducing hair fall.

Walnut: have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (that nutrient we love for shiny hair), and they’re also rich in biotin and vitamin E, which helps protect your cells from damage.

Chia seed: have a high content of phosphorous, a popular ingredient thought to encourage hair growth. A building block of protein, l-lysine is known to promote hair growth, and chia seeds offer an abundance of this. The seeds contain 9 essential amino acids related to stronger hair, skin, and nails.

Flax seeds: Polyunsaturated fatty acids play an important role in supporting the health of hair follicles. Like Omega-3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids protect the scalp by nourishing it and preventing dryness or flakiness. Flax seeds contain a high amount of these important fatty acids


  • Sesame seeds are a great source of lignans, which may help improve sex hormone status for estrogen. Sesame seeds may also help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil are good sources of monounsaturated and omega-6 fats, and may help improve heart health and symptoms of urinary disorders.
  • Sunflower seeds contain high levels of both monounsaturated and omega-6 fats, and may help reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels.

RECIPE: These seeds basically can be used in our daily busy life as in-between snacks. We can have these seeds either in the raw form(though roasted seeds are also available in the market but the nutritive value is slightly lower than the raw one) or in the form of Granola bar or seasoning of any food preparation or may be in the form of desserts such as puddings, smoothie or sesame seeds ladoo.

Chia seeds pudding:

Puree almond milk and strawberries in a blender until smooth; pour into a bowl. Stir Chia seeds, honey, and vanilla extract into the strawberry puree.

Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until set, about 4 hours

Nutrition facts:

209 calories;

6.3g fat;

37.2g carbohydrates;

3.7g protein

Contributed by Dr Soumita Biswas, Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital