Persistent Foundation commemorates the completion of 10 years of CSR Announces year-long celebration through various events

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Pune, India – April 24, 2019
Persistent Foundation has completed 10 years of driving social change through efforts in Community Development, Health and Education. Officially founded in the year 2009, the seeds of the Foundation’s work were sown as early as 1995 by Persistent Systems Limited. The journey began with the association and support of over 40 NGOs focusing on impactful social change. From small steps in 1995 to having completed a formal Impact Assessment in 2018, Persistent Foundation has anchored a host of social development-focused initiatives and programs during this time.
The commemorative celebration was kicked off today with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project showcase by select Companies, held at Persistent Systems – Pune. The Foundation has planned a range of year-long events involving an exchange of ideas and best practices with NGOs and various CSR wings of major Companies and industries in the Foundation’s area of operations. These activities will be held at Persistent Systems’ India centers and will see the participation of employees contributing to key focus areas of the Foundation’s work.
Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman and MD, Persistent Systems
“At Persistent Systems, we strongly believe that our employees and the Company are an integral part of the community, and it is our moral responsibility to participate and do our bit for the good of the world we live in. Our efforts began in 1995, when we started to contribute one percent of our profits towards welfare efforts. With the establishment of Persistent Foundation in 2009, our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts were formalized.
The Foundation effectively took on the mantle of channelizing the efforts and the contributions of our employees and the Company through successful impact-driven outcomes in the areas of health, education and community development. We are very proud of their achievements over the last ten years and I wish them all the very best as they continue to focus on long-term goals to effect sustainable social change.”
Sonali Deshpande, Chairperson, Persistent Foundation
“It is a proud moment for the team at Persistent Foundation as we complete 10 years of striving for social change – one project, one initiative at a time. It is deeply satisfying to see how the Foundation has contributed to bringing about meaningful social transformation through various efforts in community development, improved healthcare and promoting access to education.
We would like to thank and acknowledge the support extended by the government, academic institutions, NGOs and Persistent Systems’ employees for their contribution to the Foundation’s work. We look forward to a more vibrant journey this year and in the years to come as we commit to engaging in and promoting impactful and lasting social change.”
Persistent Foundation Outreach
Focus Area – Education:
Supported more than 15,000 students
Outreach in 21+ schools and 40+ colleges
Established and worked with over 25 study centers
Collaborated with 20+ NGOs in 5 locations in India
Focus Area – Health:
Support extended to 1,50,000 patients (women, children and elderly)
Worked on 25 initiatives dedicated to Health
Partnered with 21 NGOs and Hospitals in 5 locations across India
Focus Area – Community Development:
More than 50,000 people benefitted through 30 initiatives.
Installed 3 Solar Power Plants. Total 452 Kwp Solar Power, 13.52 Lakh units of electricity generated till Mar 31, 2019, saving more than INR 95.00 lakhs. 1125 tons of carbon emissions avoided till Mar 31, 2019
54 Kms. of streams widened and desilted impacting 30,000 villagers across 16 villages
Impact seen in the lives of 7000+ villagers with sustainable access to clean drinking water by constructing 29 wells
Over 10,000 trees planted and maintained
Livelihood program in Urban and Rural areas benefitting 1,200 people.
Employee Engagement:
Employee engagement is at the core of many of Persistent Foundation’s activities. Employees of Persistent Systems contribute skills, time and money for multiple welfare efforts. The number of employees contributing in the Foundation activities has increased from 1401 in FY 2009 to 4613 in FY 2019.