Phoenix Marketcity organizes beauty fest- B Me!! (Beautiful ME)

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First Impression is the last impression. Both men and women alike, aspire to look beautiful, seek attention andPunekar News's photo. admiration. Everyone has their own definition of being beautiful, be it one’s appearance, nature, persona or attitude. Taking this concept forward Phoenix Marketcity Pune will organize a unique sculpture exhibition from 4th September – 13th September 2015. The

Punekar News's photo.Punekar News's photo.Punekar News's photo.

beauty fest titled B Me!! (Beautiful ME) will display art through sculptures that showcase people’s eternal craving to look beautiful. The fest exhibits exceptional sculptures crafted by a renowned artists Loknath Sinha, who is based in Baroda and has won various accolades for his creative and personifying sculptures. Some of the art works that will be exhibited at the fest include Happy for wife husband, I am the fragrance, I wanna be you, Let’s go shopping, Mobile couple, Shopping Stories. Another renowned artist Rai David will also be showcasing her art work named “High Feel”- a red color shoe made of ceramic.

Date: Friday to Sunday – 4th – 13th September, 2015

Venue: Phoenix Marketcity (Pune), Nagar Road, Vimannagar

Time: 11.30 am onwards

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