Pimpri Chinchwad: Man Assaulted Over Prolonged Dispute On Temple Visit In Rahatani

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Rahatani, 25th January 2024: A shocking incident unfolded in Rahatani near Kshatriya Ghanchi Samaj Mandir as a gang of 14 people allegedly assaulted an individual for attempting to visit the temple. The victim, Prakash Roopchand Solanki, aged 35 and a resident of Shivajinagar, Pune, has complained to the Wakad Police Station, Pimpri Chinchwad police.

According to Solanki’s complaint, a case has been registered against 14 individuals identified as Prakash Saresh Parihar, Ramesh Gehlot, Bhawarlal Parihar, Durgaram Parmar, Jagdish Parihar, Jeevaram Parihar, Manoj Bhati, Maganlal Bhati, Ramesh Nakoom, Dalpat Bhati, Daularam Parihar, Praveen Rathod, Vishal Bhati, and Mahendra Rathod.

The dispute between the complainant and the accused has been ongoing for an extended period, primarily revolving around the Charbhuja temple belonging to the community. These disputes had escalated to the extent of legal proceedings.

On the evening of January 22, around 4:30 PM, Solanki visited the Kshatriya Ghanchi Samaj temple in Rahatani for darshan. Allegedly, Prakash Parihar, one of the accused, obstructed Solanki’s darshan, stating that he was not allowed to take darshan. Subsequently, the situation escalated, and Prakash Parihar, along with others, physically attacked Solanki. The attackers reportedly grabbed Solanki’s collar, preventing him from taking darshan, and then proceeded to physically assault him with kicks.

The police are probing the incident. The ongoing temple dispute between the parties adds a complex layer to the case, which has already been a matter of legal contention.