Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates Redeveloped Ayodhya Railway Station and Unveils New Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat Trains

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Delhi, 30th December 2023: Today marked a significant moment as Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced the inauguration of the extensively redeveloped Ayodhya Railway Station. The event witnessed the Prime Minister flagging off the introduction of the new Amrit Bharat and Vande Bharat trains, among other notable initiatives in the rail sector.

The redeveloped Ayodhya Railway Station, now recognized as Ayodhya Dham Junction Railway Station, stands as a testament to modern infrastructure, boasting a three-storey structure that embodies contemporary facilities and amenities. Valued at over Rs 240 crore, this revamped station features elevators, escalators, food plazas, shops catering to religious needs, cloak rooms, childcare areas, and waiting halls, ensuring accessibility for all and earning the prestigious ‘IGBC certified green station building’ status.

During the public event, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the essence of service to the underprivileged by unveiling the Amrit Bharat trains, a series designed to accommodate individuals with modest incomes and those who frequently travel long distances for work. He articulated, “These trains are crafted with the aim of providing modern conveniences and comfortable travel to those who deserve dignity in their lives, especially those belonging to economically disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Highlighting the crucial role of Vande Bharat trains in amalgamating development with heritage, the Prime Minister recalled the inception of the first Vande Bharat Express from Kashi. He noted the expansion of this initiative to 34 routes across the country, connecting various significant religious centers such as Katra, Ujjain, Pushkar, Tirupati, and others. In this series, Ayodhya also received the gracious gift of a Vande Bharat train, enriching its connectivity and accessibility.

Moreover, the inauguration witnessed the launch of the Amrit Bharat Express, a superfast passenger train with non-air-conditioned coaches. This LHB push-pull train, equipped with locomotives at both ends for enhanced acceleration, introduces improved facilities like aesthetically designed seats, enhanced luggage racks, mobile charging points with suitable holders, LED lighting, CCTV surveillance, and public information systems, aiming to elevate the travel experience for rail passengers.

In a significant gesture, Prime Minister Modi interacted with school children aboard the inaugural journey of the Amrit Trains, sharing in their excitement and enthusiasm for this new chapter in rail travel.

The event culminated with the Prime Minister flagging off six new Vande Bharat Trains, including routes such as Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra-New Delhi, Amritsar-Delhi, Coimbatore-Bangalore Cantt, Mangalore-Madgaon, Jalna-Mumbai, and Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Terminal, enhancing connectivity and convenience across diverse regions.

Additionally, the Prime Minister dedicated three railway projects worth Rs 2300 crore to fortify the rail infrastructure in the area, underscoring the government’s commitment to bolstering transportation networks for smoother and more efficient travel experiences. These projects encompass the Rooma Chakeri-Chanderi third line, various sections of the Jaunpur-Ayodhya-Barabanki doubling project, and the doubling and electrification of the Malhaur-Daliganj railway section.