Protein-O-Meter – an online protein calculator will track protein in Indian diet

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11 November 2019, Pune- Right To Protein, a nation-wide public health initiative has been announced that will increase general awareness about the utmost importance of adequate and quality proteins in Indian diet. According to recent reports, over 90 percent of the Indian population is unaware of their ideal protein intake requirements and protein is a highly misunderstood macronutrient. Under this initiative, an online general ‘protein calculator’, designed basis the unique Indian dietary habits, is also launched – the online tool will help Indians, across different age-groups, track their daily protein intake and will also help them make necessary improvements by providing relevant information.

The online Protein-O-Meter* tool will ask basic questions on an individual’s body profile, type of lifestyle and kind of meals consumed at different times during the day and will calculate the average proteins required against the amount consumed an any given day. Apart from information on their possible protein gap, the Right to Protein platform will also provide rich information on protein-rich foods, healthy habits and tips. Furthermore, the platform will also help individuals connect to nutritionists and dieticians seeking further professional guidance and recommendations.

Right To Protein is an initiative to educate the people in India about the importance of proteins for their general health, fitness and wellbeing. #RightToProtein campaign aspires to act as a catalyst in promoting consumption of different forms of proteins amongst Indians for better overall nutrition. The objective is to bring together institutions, academicians, professionals and individuals that can participate in on-ground activities, share knowledge and expertise to drive protein awareness in India.

The Right To Protein initiative aims to create a vibrant ecosystem of likeminded citizens that will not only sensitize each other about the importance of protein in the India diet, but will also further the country’s public health agenda in-line with Government of India’s campaigns such as Poshan Abhiyaan and Fit India Movement. The larger goal is to champion the cause of protein sufficiency and help India be more protein aware for better nutrition and improved public health.