Pune: 11-Year-Old Boy Dies in Lohegaon After Cricket Accident

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Lohegaon, 6th May 2024: While playing cricket, an 11-year-old boy died in Lohegaon due to a ball hitting his private parts.

The deceased has been identified as Shambhu Kalidas Khandve alias Shaurya.

Summer holidays are underway for every school in India. Like any other boy, Shambhu was playing cricket with his friends near Jagadguru International School on Thursday evening. At that moment, the ball hit him, causing him to fall unconscious. The children started panicking, and Shambhu was rushed to a nearby private hospital. The doctor declared him dead on arrival.

Shambhu’s uncle, Bandu Khandve, said, “We have a joint family. Shambhu was smart and was in 6th grade. He was loved by everyone. He was good at sports, and we wanted him to become a gymnast. We had registered his name a couple of months ago at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sports Complex in Manjari Budruk, and he was being guided by Prakash Chavan to become a gymnast. He was training very hard, but now it will always be just a dream.”

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