Pune: 32,366 Bogus Voters Identified In Purandar Constituency

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Pune, 3rd January 2024: After the revelation of 32,366 bogus voters in the Purandar assembly constituency from Sangli district, the district administration has initiated measures to rectify the voter list. A dedicated team has been formed to exclude these bogus voters, and the process has already commenced.

The voter list updating program is being conducted in anticipation of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. After the publication of the draft voter list, objections and suggestions were invited by the election department.

Former state minister Vijay Shivtare raised concerns about over 32,000 names in the Purandar assembly constituency being from the Palus-Kadegaon constituency in the Sangli district. He urged the election department to promptly remove these bogus voters.

Upon investigation, the Pune District Election Commission confirmed the presence of bogus voters and subsequently formed a special independent team. The team comprises officers from the District Officer, Tehsildar, Voter Registration Officer, and relevant officials from Palus-Kadegaon Assembly Constituency in Sangli.

The independent team is tasked with contacting the identified bogus voters. They will inquire about the constituency in which the individual wishes to be registered. A voter can be registered in either Palus or Purandar assembly constituencies. The team will take necessary actions based on the responses received.

The final voter list is scheduled to be announced on January 17. As there has been a delayed complaint regarding the list in the Purandar Constituency, the process to cancel the 32,366 double names will require the concerned voters to contact the authorities and seek permission to retain their names in a single constituency. The removal of these names will be executed based on the responses received from the voters concerned.