Pune: Action Against 24 Tourists In Bhimashankar For Creating Disturbances; Police Seize Cars, Music Systems

bhimashankar village
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Pune, 16th July 2022: Bhimashankar is a popular religious place, as well as a hotspot for tourists who want to enjoy the greenery in the monsoon season. However, it was observed that some visitors disturb the neighbourhood by turning up their car’s loudspeaker and dancing in the streets.

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The Ghodegaon police station under Pune rural police has started taking action in the last week to deter such behaviour on the highways, and cases have been filed against them in accordance with traffic laws and the Maharashtra Police Act.


Two squads of police in private vehicles are on constant patrol.


Subdivisional Police Officer Sudarshan Patil and Assistant Police Inspector Jeevan Mane took action against the youths by seizing their vehicles and music systems.


SDPO Patil said, “Many want to make videos for social media. They play loud music, honk excessively, and occasionally dance on the roadways while listening to the music playing in their cars. The public has complained about this behaviour, and we have started taking action. 24 persons have had actions taken against them thus far.”


He added, “We also warned them, but they disregarded our advice. Therefore, we had to use a mild lathi charge. We detained them and took their cars as well. These crimes are also committed by bikers. We have to do this in order to preserve the tranquillity and sacredness of the location.”