Pune: Afghan counsel general praises efforts of Azam campus to help Afghan students

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Pune, 11 November 2021: The developments of the past three to four months in Afghanistan and the badly hit condition of Afghani students staying in Pune was considered by Dr PA Inamdar at Azam Campus.

The leaders of the Afghan students were called and after discussing with them it was decided on their request that they will be given free food every day, two times a day for 185 students.

Accordingly ready to eat food was supplied to them for a period of 45 days. An amount of around Rs Fourteen Lacs was spent.

Dr Inamdar also announced a one year fee waiver for all the self- financed Afghani students studying at Azam Campus.

The students have also been assured any other support that they may need. Considering this gesture of Azam Campus, the Council General of Afghanistan Zakia Wardak paid a visit to Azam Campus to thank Dr Inamdar for his generous support and also Dr. Shaila Bootwala, Principal of Abeda Inamdar Senior College who was monitoring the food distribution and fee waiver scheme for self finance Afghan students.