Pune: Audio Clip Is Fake, It Is Political Conspiracy To Defame Me – BJP MLA Sunil Kamble

sunil kamble BJP MLA Pune
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Pune, 26th September 2021: After an audio clip of abusing Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) woman officer went viral, BJP MLA Sunil Kamble has lodged a complaint with Pune city police alleging the there is a political conspiracy to defame him.

In his complaint with Marketyard police station, MLA Kamble said that the audio clip is ‘doctored’.

“I am in public service for the last 35 years. I am an elected MLA from the Pune cantonment constituency. I have carried out various activities to uplift the dignity and standard of living of the women in society. From the news on my WhatsApp Chat as well as on the TV channel this morning, I came to know that some unknown person has broadcast a fake audio clip of me abusing a female officer of Pune Municipal Corporation over the phone.

When I listened to this in detail, it became clear that the voice in it was not mine. This audio clip is completely fake and it is a political conspiracy to defame me ahead of municipal elections”, MLA Kamble stated in his complaint.