Pune: Beyond Mountains Organizes Special Adventure Trek for Autism and Down Syndrome Children

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Pune, 29th December 2023: In a heartwarming initiative, Beyond Mountains, a Pune-based adventure team, organized a special adventure trek to Mhatoba Hill for children with Autism and Down Syndrome. The event aimed to provide a unique and empowering experience for these special children.

The Beyond Mountains team, known for organizing adventure activities, arranged a trek to Mhatoba Hill specifically tailored for children with Autism and Down Syndrome. The trek commenced with the sunrise, setting a positive tone for the day. The special children exhibited enthusiasm and determination, taking each step with a story of self-reliance.

Team members from Beyond Mountains assisted the special children, ensuring their safety and enjoyment throughout the trek. The collective enthusiasm of the special children served as an inspiration for the entire team. Upon reaching the summit and entering the Mhatoba temple, the joy on the faces of the children was described as indescribable.

Various games were organized at the hilltop, allowing the special children to participate, enjoy the competition, and foster a sense of accomplishment. Following the activities, the children were treated to breakfast and tea, providing a warm and comforting experience.

The special children took a stroll in the scenic environment of Mhatoba Hill, observing trees, flowers, and birds with keen interest. Their joyous expressions and easy-going nature left a profound impact on the Beyond Mountains team.

Group leader Sameer Divekar shared that the day marked a new milestone for Beyond Mountains, emphasizing the positive impact of such initiatives on the participants and the organizers.

Five boys and three girls from Club Youngistan actively participated in the trek, while Aparna Divekar, Sameer Divekar, Omkar Upadhyay, Varad Harshe, Mukta Kulkarni, Shrishailya Atre, Shweta Joshi worked diligently to organize the event on behalf of Beyond Mountains.