Pune: Bhosale upset seeds at 60th NATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP

Pune: Bhosale upset seeds at 60th NATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP
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Pune, 19th August 2023: Shriraj Bhosale(1930 rated) from Kolhapur, Maharashtra defeated IM Devaki Prasad V(Karnataka) 2254 rated. Bhosale, playing with black pieces, defeated the titled player in 59 moves. Shriraj Bhosale was in fine form, delivering a great result for Maharashtra.


In round 4, Top Seed GM Abhijeet Gupta, who lost yesterday in round 3, was pitted against GM Slayer Balkishan A(1800) who himself had earlier defeated GM P. Karthikeyan in round 2. GM Abhijeet Gupta, playing on board 27 justified his top seeding, beating Balkishan with the black pieces in just over an hour.


GM Abhimanyu Puranik, playing on board 1 with 3/3 points, defeated his opponent in a fine technical game. Puranik, looked extremely relaxed and had the game under his control throughout. Puranik keeps a full score and leads the tournament.


On Board 3, IM Nitin S(2386) drew with the legendary GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly (2583) with the black pieces. Nitin had a small advantage in the middle game, but it was neutralized when he exchanged his strong queen with Ganguly’s weak queen, resulting in an equal position.


FM Dhananjay S. who had defeated top seed GM Abhijeet Gupta in round 3, playing on board 11 today, drew with GM Venkatesh M.R. from PSPB, finding the perfect moves in the middle game.


Following are the results: 4th Round: White and Black:

Abhimanyu Puranik(4pts)(AAI) bt Arghyadip Das(3pts)(RSPB);

Srihari LR(3pts)(TN) lost to Sethuraman S.P.(4pts)(PSPB);

Nitin, S.(3.5pts)(RSPB) drew with Surya Shekhar Ganguly(3.5pts)(PSPB);

Soham, Kamotra(3.5pts)(J&K) drew with Diptayan Ghosh(3.5pts)(WB);

Mitrabha Guha(4pts)(WB) bt Krishna, CRG(3pts)(RSPB);

Utsab, Chatterjee(3pts)(WB) lost to Iniyan, P(4pts)(TN);

Vignesh, NR(4pts)(RSPB) bt Utkal Sahoo(3pts)(ODI);

Aakash Dalvi(3pts)(MAH) lost to Sayantan Das(4pts)(RSPB);

Deep Sengupta(4pts)(PSPB) bt Rajesh Nayak(3pts)(ODI);

Akash, G(3pts)(TN) lost to Praveen, Kumar C(4pts)(TN);

Dhananjay, S(3.5pts)(CHAT) drew with Venkatesh M.R.(3.5pts)(PSPB);

Anuj, Shrivatri(3.5pts)(MP) drew with Bhaavan Kolla(3.5pts)(AP);

Visakh, N R(3pts)(RSPB) drew with Indrajeet Mahindrakar(3pts)(MAH);

Sudhir Kumar Sinha(2.5pts)(BIH) lost to Aronyak Ghosh(3.5pts)(RSPB);

Aanjaneya Phatak(2.5pts)(MAH) lost to Deepan, Chakkravarthy J.(3.5pts)(RSPB);

Neelash, Saha(3.5pts)(RSPB) bt Siddhant Gawai(2.5pts)(MAH);

IM Prasad Devaki V(2.5pts) lost to Shriraj Bhosale(3.5pts);