Pune: Bhushi Dam in Lonavala Overflows, Anticipating Huge Tourist Influx

Pune: Bhushi Dam in Lonavala Overflows, Anticipating Huge Tourist Influx
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Lonavala, 1st July 2023: In an exciting development for tourists and locals alike, the renowned Bhushi Dam in Lonavala is currently overflowing. This has created a buzz among individuals residing in and around Mumbai and Pune, as they eagerly await the opportunity to witness this natural spectacle.

The Bhushi Dam, nestled amidst the scenic surroundings of Lonavala, has always been a popular attraction, drawing tourists from far and wide. With its current overflow, the charm of this picturesque destination is further enhanced, attracting a multitude of eager visitors seeking respite from the summer heat.


Considering the expected surge in footfall, local law enforcement officials have issued a statement urging tourists to exercise caution and responsibility during their visit. They have emphasized the need to avoid aggravating traffic congestion, refrain from causing any disturbances to others, and maintain personal safety to prevent any untoward incidents. Police officials have warned that stringent action will be taken against those found responsible for creating chaos or obstructing traffic on the roads.


As the news spreads like wildfire, tourism-related businesses in the vicinity of Lonavala are bracing themselves for an influx of customers. Hotels, restaurants, and other establishments are preparing to cater to the needs of the anticipated large crowd, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for all those venturing to witness the grandeur of the overflowing Bhushi Dam.